Dawn Underwood

  A whole new approach to movie reviews! Bringing you candid and humorous reviews each week to help you get it right on movie night. If I say it's a GREEN it's a GO...if it's a RED it's a NO...if it's YELLOW proceed with caution.  

Our TV show
Our TV show is currently on hiatus (that's greek for, not currently showing on a TV near you). But, you never know what will happen next and where the show might pop up. So keep surfing those channels and if you come across the show...please watch!

Look back and see portions of our episodes about some of your favorite movies! Click on the movie posters to see video from our show and what we thought of the movies.


We started on radio
Don't they say opporunities come when you least expect them? That's exactly what happend to us. We were trying to get our screenplay seen by the right people . . . when the infamous morning radio show DJ's Johnjay and Rich asked us if we would do movie reviews for them. Without even considering how much work it would be, or that we had absolutely no experience . . . we said yes. Now we've been airing our unique and entertaining movie reviews on stations across the country since 2005. Although the stations we broadcast on change from time to time, you can find out where we are now . . . here.

Where you can hear Dawn
Listen to Dawn every Friday morning on your favorite radio stations across the country! You might hear her voice when you least expect, keep listening. So, if you live in or are traveling through any of these states, tune in so you know the latest on the biggest movies hitting theatres!



If you are a radio station and would like to include Dawn's reviews in your format, just e-mail the producers and they will hook you up!
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